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08 India Calling

Launch this party Bollywood-style with a modern take on Indian cuisine. Our menu takes Indian spices and flavors and spikes them into perfect little party bites and cocktails. Wow your guests with a vegetable rice medley served in clementine cups or shrimp in a tangy tamarind glaze. Chilled split pea soup and cilantro chutney add a pop of gorgeous color to the table. The signature cocktail combines a mint-infused gin with a surprise sweetener. Paisley, that timeless, mod print with layers of swirling interlocking shapes is a pattern the HOBNOB team has always been in love with. Encourage guests to arrive wearing paisley, to set the scene ablaze. Our video playlist lights up your room with instant color and over-the-top Bollywood production, challenge guests to match those dance moves!



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