To make your own paisley-designed cake, get the tool that makes for smooth sailing. Decorate a cake with ease, and a sense of expertise.

Feel like you’ve got the talent to make one of those cakes that people go ga-ga over? You just need the right tools, and a steady hand. And, of course, a lot of patience and time. In my party theme based on modern Indian small bites, we ordered a gorgeous cake, completely covered in a classic, paisley pattern (see photo below). This tool could get you into cake-decorating stardom. The tool makes it seem like you are drawing, since you only need one hand to create the patterns.

Mastrad’s Deco Pocket tackles decorative jobs single-handedly, so to speak. The Deco Pocket allows you to create patterned delights with just a squeeze, almost like just writing or drawing. It is microwave-safe, so perfect for softening the filling. Available in two sizes: small, $15 comes with 4 tips in different widths; large, $20 comes with 10 tips, and includes more decorative options for creating lots of effects. Available online at amazon. If you are a baker, you might like the line of products from this French company. See all the goodies they have to offer—you might go a little nuts on their website, viewing the decorative tools, pans, and wonderful kits:

The cake for the Paisley party was magnificent. See the story behind it, and find out where you can order one, if you’re not up to the task of decorating one yourself. This cake stands out in more ways than one. Because it was made with buttercreams, instead of fondant, all of it is edible. And wonderfully so, I might add.

hobnobmag paisley decorated dessert