NanaWall has engineered a minimal sliding glass wall system that is barely there, with four options for hardware that blend in seamlessly and protect your home from the elements.

If you are looking for a way to erase the barriers to the view outside, check out NanaWall’s system designed to deliver maximum visibility. The collection offers four sill options to go along with its minimal-framed, large panel sliding glass wall system. The Cero hardware is designed to accommodate different environmental scenarios.

HOBNOBMAG Minimal Sliding Glass Wall System2

[1] Higher Weather Performance Sill: In this scenario, a stainless steel track sits above the water table to prevent corrosion, and has a specially engineered system to sweep water away.

[2] Flush Sill: This design lies flush with the surrounding floor, virtually disappearing, and is made especially for use in areas that are protected, or for interior settings.

[3] Low Profile Saddle Sill: The company’s shallowest option is recessed 7/16″ to reduce rain from entering.

[4] Low Profile Saddle Hybrid Sill: Uses properties of both  the Low Profile Saddle Sill / Flush Sill to adjust to varying floor heights.

HOBNOBMAG Minimal Sliding Glass Wall System3

Though the panels are quite large, they open and close with ease due to the fact that they sit on self-lubricating rollers, which are flanked by brushes that remove debris from the track. Automated options also can be incorporated, for those into high-tech solutions.

To add to the customization, Cero comes in 50 standard colors and over 200 colors available in powder coat and anodized finishes. You can also custom-match colors or go for simulated wood effects for extra blending qualities.

HOBNOBMAG Minimal Sliding Glass Wall System3

NanaWall Systems is a pioneer when it comes to glass wall systems. They combine precision engineering and outstanding design options with more than 25 unique award-winning systems. If you long for that minimalist application, this is the way to go.