A party scene can really be enhanced by color. An easy way to accomplish this is to get the light bulb that takes on any color and works smartly in a system.

Philips Hue Light System:

Channel your inner lighting designer and start experimenting with color. Take your space from stimulating blue-white tints to a cozy warm-white hue to suit daytime moods. Or, for gala party purposes, play with all the colors in the spectrum—and be able to dim, flash, pulse.

Techies will love that you can connect up to 50 bulbs in your house via wi-fi—and control them remotely. They do pretty much anything you want. The system is so custom you can pick a photo to start with as your inspiration, then drag the color picker from the app across the image and your bulbs will match the color instantly. Wow.

Save your fave settings to use again and again. The Philips Hue bulbs screw straight into a standard light socket. To set up the system, you will have to get the Hue starter kit, in addition to the bulbs, for dimming and smart control functions. $60. meethue.com