When it comes to hosting a shindig, there’s lots to think about: the bar, menu, space, guest list, music, and of course, what to wear at your party. Here’s some points to consider as the star of the soiree.

[1] Peacock Time You will be running the show—do wear something that makes you stand out. It’s perfectly okay to be flamboyant—so, go ahead, buy those statement shoes or over-the-top accessory. Your guests will love that you went all out. I often host parties that have a theme, and will buy something just to wear on that occasion, like the Christian Dior white fur boots I got (on sale!) for the White Party.

[2] This is no time to be thrifty. Splurge on something that makes you look and feel wonderful. Make sure you feel comfortable in the style and that it fits well. Guys, here’s your chance to have a shirt tailor made. Gals treat yourself to the designer item, not the knock-off. The investment will forever carry with it fond memories of the night.

[3] Get shopping! Don’t leave it till the last minute—as soon as you send out the invitation, grab that friend who loves to shop to assist in your selection. You will want a trusted second opinion.

[4] Get it on film. Make sure your fab outfit is recorded properly. Have someone you trust on the scene with camera in hand. Check to make sure there is at least one flattering shot of you, for posterity. I am usually the one with the camera, taking photos all night long, then realize there’s not a single one of me! So now I make sure to give my camera to one of those friends that has a great eye.

[5] Why stop at one outfit? For the really big celebrations, have more than one outfit prepared.For my last “big” birthday, I threw a bash with a Glamour theme, and had three outfits lined up to keep things interesting. If the party goes on all night, it’s the perfect excuse to slip into something still fabulous, but a maybe little more comfortable.