The holidays are here, which means gatherings will be ensuing all over the world. Whether there are five people or fifteen, creating a comfortable and spacious environment to enjoy this special time is essential. But fear not—this seemingly daunting task is much easier than you think.

Get Rid of Clutter

The most important thing to do is put away any everyday décor to avoid excess clutter. You want guests to be able to easily find a place to rest a drink without knocking something over.

Tweak the Furniture

If your space is crowded with furniture, remove excess pieces then move remaining pieces apart from one another for breathing space. As you rearrange, keep conversation in mind. You’ll be surprised how much chatter can be facilitated by ever so slightly angling chairs toward one another.

Add Natural Elements

Dining room décor should be well-curated and on-theme, but should remain simple and organic. The Quick Fix: A table centerpiece provides a perfect focal point and can remain on-trend with natural elements, including evergreen sprigs, and trimmed, knotty branches from your garden. Pair this with brushed gold flatware, simple white china and eggshell cotton napkins for a rustic, natural and homey feel.

Calm the Color Palette

During the holiday season, bright red and green décor can create a sense of anxiety, triggering the frantic feelings that often accompany the holidays. While keeping the natural green of the Christmas tree and enhancing it with natural, live green garlands, I suggest weaving warm orange hues, which create a welcome feel, soft touches of yellow for happiness and calming, cool hints of frosty blue.

Laurence Carr is an international interior designer with a focus on wellness and ambiance. She sees her projects as more than simply spaces, each room evokes the feelings and emotions captured by the home to create the atmosphere of your desire.

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