At first, it might seem just like any other snow day, but soon we start to realize that practicing social distancing and being tied to your home with the same surroundings every single day is no picnic. We like to think of this time as physical distancing, but vow to remain social. In New York, most businesses are closed and we are told to stay at home. For New Yorkers with very active lifestyles and social personalities this is the time to get creative. So, we can’t socialize and live to the fullest outdoors, not a problem, we gathered helpful activities that are fun and help you stay connected during your Covid-19 isolation term. Chin up!


• Cocktail Bars Do Take-Out

Craving a cocktail made by someone else? If you happen to live in New York and have to go out for groceries, stop by your local bar for a take-out cocktail. Some of New York’s best bars, such as Please Don’t Tell, are offering take-out cocktails as a way to get their business going. (as seen in the photo at the top of this post) This has been okayed by the governor for now, but is always subject to change. Follow your favorite bars on Instagram to find out who offers this type of service and who is closed today.

Covid-19 Isolation NYC survival guide: dinner from Carbone delivered

• Foodie Delivery

Now you can finally get into Carbone. (photos from my yummy lunch above) Some of New York’s most hard to get into restaurants are offering delivery through Caviar. This delivery service is nothing to frown upon. They even include GPS-tracking. Manhattan’s best restaurants are on Caviar, so take advantage. The Delicious Hospitality Group is offering 3 course meals from Charlie Bird, legacy Records, and Pasquale Jones for $40. (book through Caviar) The Resy app gives you up-to-date options with menu options and delivery times to book. Almost like being there…

hobnobmag At Home Mixology

• Become an At-Home Mixologist

Become an expert at a new skill. We recommend mixology. We are all trying to stay healthy right now, but the occasional cocktail (or make it a mocktail) might help you bring the bar scene to your doorstep. Thankfully Hobnob has your at-home mixology covered. It’s all about the right mixers. Here is our ultimate list of refreshing cocktails, and mocktails to try at home

Covid-19 Isolation NYC survival guide exercise on YouTube

• Get Your Cardio & Dancing Here

305 Fitness offers free workout videos on their Youtube Channel. This is one cardio dance party you will want to join. It will have you doing a happy dance in no time. The instructors are enthusiastic, the DJ is excellent and the positive endorphins are needed right now.

Covid-19 Isolation survive by exploring museums on Google

• Craving Some Culture?

For those who love to roam the endless halls of museums, Google has partnered up with museums and other landmarks. You can take yourself on a virtual tour to places like Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

• Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This is the time to test your patience and learning skills. Ivy League schools like Harvard are providing free online courses. You can even learn a new language with apps like Duolingo. Impress them at the next cocktail party with your foreign language skills. Plus, learning a new language improves your thinking skills and memory.

• Netflix and Socialize

Grab the popcorn. Netflix Party is an excellent way to watch TV with your friends and family. The feature works with Google Grome. It even synchronizes video playback and adds group chat.

• Talk To Your Indoor Plants

This one might seem strange, but plants make great companions. According to a study done by the Royal Horticultural Society, talking to your plants helps them grow. If nothing else, they do cheer up your home and clean the air. NASA’s Clean Air Study tells us what we already knew, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, but it also tells us that indoor plants help remove volatile organic pollutants in your home.

• Online Gaming

Playing games, like Words with Friends, or other challenging your smarts games, allows you to stay in touch, without the touching. Or try Battleship online, or chess at Lichess.