Bold, multi-colors and shimmery metallics mix for a psychedelic effect. Here’s some ideas for colorful home decor with an influence of modern Indian style. I chose some  brightly colored objects and items with  paisley patterns in tone on tone.

[1] Flowers: Zinnias

What flower looks more mod than zinnias? It’s like going back to 60s psychedelia. I think Austin Powers would agree. To go with my party plan inspired by Indian cuisine and the classic pattern of paisley, I thought these flowers would make the optimal flashy statement at the party scene. Their saturated color and painterly look will seamlessly add to the essence of the party. I got these from NYC’s Union Square Market, who often have the most dazzling cut flowers from farms outside the city. Don’t the colors look great bunched together?

[2] Rablabs Copo Tumblers

For your bar setup, go colorful. Copo tumblers have captured the luminous allure of uncut gemstones. You won’t be able to take your eyes off these stunning glasses from designer Anna Rabinowicz’s nature-inspired tabletop line. Since they are hand-carved by artisans, no tumbler is exactly alike. She chose a palette in the alluring tones of eggplant, azure, teal, and amber. $175 for a set of 4. I like that it employs a color strategy as an elegant way for guests to keep track of their glass. Available online at

hobnobmag Indian Style Colorful Home Decor

[3] Ajji’s Pink Sink Chair

Who knew chairs could be so fun? Modern, super playful, yet functional and crazy comfortable, the Pink Sink chair will be as much a conversation piece as a spot to sit and chat. These are the folding chairs you can pull out for an occasion in style. The chair breaks down into two pieces and has a removable cover, making it easy to store.  Pull them out for a pop of color and a place to drop. The fabric in the seating stretches and envelops you in such a comfortable way, and  is as thin as a balloon. 36 x 38 inches. Available in other colors. Price available upon request.

[4] The Swale cushion

From ETRO, known for their devotion to sophisticated paisley, has designed pillows which add a pop of luxurious, silky elegance—with fringe. See their other extensive paisley designs in their collection, ranging from $122-$266 at

[5] Caskata’s Bohemian Paisley Collection

An unconventional take on an overall, classic paisley, Caskata has chosen to isolate iconic bits on these gorgeous plates. This collection will set a modern mood at your party in lovely subtle tones of gray and gold. Photo, left shows the  11” Coupe Dinner Plate, $120. Right: 12.5” Platter, $155. Check out the entire collection at

[6] Artecnica Starlightz

Behold these beautifully-printed paper lanterns in the shape of a star, that create an exotic presence, ideal for illumination at the party. Bonus: they are totally eco and fair trade hand-made. Mix and match a bunch over the buffet table, or position in other dark spots in your space to dramatic effect. 21 x 21 x 8, comes in 19 color/pattern variations. $41. Available online at

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