Jonathan Primeau is the entrepreneur behind CellArt, a company that creates custom wine storage solutions sublime. Having started in the tech industry, in 2013 he decided to fulfill his lifelong passion for wine, design, engineering and art and formed CellArt. His background in tech is incorporated into these unique masterpieces, which he designs and builds for the most demanding collectors and aficionados around the globe housing their collections of wine, and sometimes spirits. 

Primeau also collaborates with renowned artists, like Frédéric Cordier, as seen in the photos above. Fade Out, straddles the line between art installation, and wine storage in the most stunning way. “For me, a cellar is a form of grid, a repetitive and utilitarian structure. From a geometric pattern that I drew and imagined in volume, I intervened in a simple way on the structure of the cellar, subtracting the elements of its composition. The sequencing principle is thus disturbed by a deconstruction up to the total degradation of the pattern, which is that of the cellar. From these full and empty spaces results in a complex and light binary frame in which the bottles will be displayed in a decreasing rate,” says Frédéric Cordier.

Every project, whether in century-old homes, mansions, lofts—or even yachts and private jets—CellArt comes up with totally unique solutions. For those with exacting standards, close attention is paid to wine racking in vibration-free areas, keeping tempature ranges from 53-60ºF and 50-70% humidity. 

Primeau combines unparalleled concepts with cutting-edge technologies utilizing the talents of traditional artisans in completing each installation. Photos above show two cellars which happen to be housed aboard yachts.

This wine cooler in a modern, minimalist kitchen gives the space an ultra-cool presence. Above, Jonathan Primeau.

Above, a slew of wine bottles hidden behind decorative doors. A neat surprise, indeed. 

Above, a moving chamber slips in and out of the wall, in this clever storage solution for a small space. 

Check out even more impressive installations on the website, for projects private and public. They also create custom accessories, like bottle display holders, bottle tags, coasters, and ice buckets. It really takes owning and drinking wine to the utmost level.