In a lot of ways, our home lives have gotten an upgrade, and that is why we bring you home and leisure gifts that are part stylish, and part unconventional. Entertaining yourself and your guests the usual way can be snoozefest, try these ideas instead.

Betty Bossi Christmas Roller

Everyone has a Christmas obsessed friend or family member. If they love to bake, this quality kitchen helper gift is sure to make them smile. The Betti Bossi Christmas Roller creates artisan Christmas tree shaped pastry, as seen in the photo at the top of this post. This gift includes a recipe booklet and the festive mood this gift brings is 100% free. Betti Bossi is a Swiss recipe book publisher that makes lots of other creative tools for homemade delights in all shapes and sizes.

Room & Board Adara Fire Table

Outdoor spaces have gone luxury this past year, and backyards will continue to be the place we all escape to in the upcoming year. For someone who has gone through the process of a backyard redo, but lacks that one special centerpiece to pull it all together, give them a big surprise gift of the stylish Adara Fire Table. The modern fire tables are created in Wisconsin by a family-owned company. Each fire table includes decorative lava rocks, or you can elevate it even further with Glass Filler, a weather-resident canvas cover, and an empty 2.6 gallon propane tank.

Como Audio For Music Lovers

You’ll strike gold when you gift a nostalgic music listener with Como Audio. Self-proclaimed flower child, Tom DeVesto, gives us the beauty of classic design and brings it into the future with high performance and long-lasting products. The swanky designs are made to provide you with today’s music content, accessible at the touch of a button, including Spotify, Internet stations, Bluetooth or FM radio. They are available in a choice of furniture grade wood finishes including walnut, hickory, piano gloss white and piano gloss black.

Games That Bring Out the Competitor

Dangerous Experiments For After Dinner Now here is a gift for families who love competition and a challenge. This type of quirky entertainment will be adored by giftee that is willing to accept a challenge. Inside the box they will find 21 illustrated cards, each one containing a seemingly impossible task, such as; opening a wine bottle with a shoe, or hammering a needle through a coin. Seem impossible? Don’t worry, there is a science-based step-by-step instructional on how to achieve each feat.

Game of Phones Uncommon goods keeps on giving with unexpected gift ideas for fun at-home, like using your phone for a game with endless laughs and variety. While this game includes cards, it makes you turn to your phone for the answers. This is a scavenger hunt for a party of 3 or more, and includes 150 cards. As an example, the cards ask you to create an emoji masterpiece, or show off the last photo you took. This game is likely to bring everyone a lot closer.

Ontop Ball Toss Game

One of the newest games to come out of 2020 is the OnTop Ball Toss. The game might seem simple but it has all the perks of competition and mobility, it can be played indoors, outdoors, and pretty much anyplace (with 12 to 15 available feet) you choose to bring it. There are 20 ways to play this game, so you can stay busy mastering the game and never get bored. This makes Ontop Ball Toss an excellent gift for those who have large families, live in a dorm, love to camp or need some much-needed socially distanced outdoor fun. All the players stay engaged until the very end, making this game refreshing and fun.