Included in my party theme which alludes to old-fashioned balls from the past, I found a selection of items that can work as antique accents to set the mood. Urns, goblets and antique-style flatware invoke the style of past balls.

Be inspired by my picks to stage a modern-yet-old-fashioned formal ball. I’ve created an entire party plan that includes a menu with all the food in the shape of a ball, plus some great cocktails and funky touches to keep the soiree memorable.

[1] Urn-Ed Beauty

If you are looking for an alternative to arranging flowers in the standard vase, assembling flowers in urns works perfectly for this party theme. Suggestion: Mix a ring of white carnations with alstymerium on the top (as seen in the photo) or just focus on clusters of carnations for a snowball effect. Then your guests can act as clever dandies at the party by  pulling out a flower to insert in their lapel. Just get a brick of floral foam to hold the blooms in place and keep them hydrated.

hobnobmag Antique Accents goblets

[2] Michael Schunke Goblets

For those seeking heirloom quality glassware, these one-of-a-kind goblets are made for special toasts indeed. Michael Schunke is known among collectors and glassmakers alike for his contemporary, hand-blown glass goblet designs. Shapes and silhouettes are a combination of Venetian style and contemporary design. Smoke Goblets are made of cool grey glass with 24k gold leaf accents. Many other sensational colors to lust over. Contact the website to special order. $300 each.

hobnobmag Antique Accents vicente wolf

[3] Vicente Wolf

Now here’s a set of flatware fit for a king. The designer Vincente Wolf was influenced by silverware he spotted in old Flemish paintings. Jasmine is handmade so each set is slightly different. The 5-piece place setting in sterling silver is $1125. Available at VW Home, 333 w 39th St., 10th floor, or online at

hobnobmag Antique Accents glasses

[4] La Rochere Glassware

For glassware priced a little more down-to-earth, check out these goblets with French flair and a touch of grandeur—which will  make drinking wine at your ball feel just right. Each piece is crafted using traditional molds and pressed to achieve superior clarity, durability and the signature seams that distinguish La Rochere glassware. Dishwasher safe. Set of 6 Versailles water goblets $59. Available online at

hobnobmag Antique Accents picks

[5] Pick on Us Party Toothpicks

Up your toothpick game. Pick On Us offers eco-friendly, sophisticated selections in a variety of lengths, sizes and colors. Prices start at $5 for 100. Available online at

hobnobmag Have a Ball recipe labels

[6] Buffet Definition

Let everyone know what’s on the table. For this month’s spread, we’ve created labels for each dish on the menu. Click on the image below, download, cut out, and fold into tents.

hobnobmag HAVE A BALL recipe labels