All the party themes on Hobnob include a fun playlist. Here’s our suggestion for sexy rock tunes to play while hosting the Paleo Party, whose recipes focus on healthy  whole foods.

There are some rock tunes that just bring out the primal instincts in people. We’ve compiled a list of sexy rock tunes (to go along with our paleo recipes) from the spectrum: Springsteen, Queen, T Rex, Etta James, Prince, The Pretenders, and more to liven up a party scene and instigate some hard-core dancing. See the tunes on our Spotify page at this link: Sexy Rhythms in Rock.

(To hear the playlist from this page, you must have a Spotify account, be logged-in, and listen through the webplayer or desktop app. It’s free!)

This playlist is one element of our party theme focused on Paleo recipes 21 Purely Paleo