Elevate the mood to a lush tropical paradise with this global tropical beats mix by Pablo Reyes.  Samba anyone?

PABLO REYES put together some of his favorites for our Tropicalia party theme. Heavily-focused on Bossa Nova rhythms, the playlist is a sensual mix that allows for conversation, but is also irresistible to dance to. (See the rest of the plan for throwing a hot, Latin party, with recipes and style ideas at this link.)

Reyes has a nomadic nature— Amsterdam-NYC-Barcelona-Mexico City and São Paulo have been his various hometowns in the last two years. All this multicultural experience is expressed in the sophisticated playlist, and in Pablo’s musical projects such as Mulix (mulixmusic.com), Pablo Reyes Trio (pabloreyesmusic.com), and many more.

link to the playlist

(To hear the playlist from this page, you must have a Spotify account, be logged-in, and listen through the webplayer or desktop app. It’s free!)

Photo By Silvana Palacio