This playlist was put together as a group effort. When guests rsvp’d yes to the party invitation, I asked them to send me their favorite song, which got mixed into a selection of Brazilian dance numbers. The selections reflect the eclectic, yet typical, NYC crowd, who come from all walks of life, from all around the globe. We tied this mix to our Hidden Secrets party theme. The secret: guess whose song is who’s favorite. (The giveaway would be that person on the dance floor or singing along loudly!) With this inspiration in mind, I encourage you to set up your own playlist with all your personal friends’ favorite tunes to unite the your guests.

The mood: It’s a lively, upbeat party mix, with lots of opportunities for dancing. See more of Hobnob’s playlists on Spotify at this link, that go with our other party themes (scroll down to see all the party themes).