Perfect for pre-game happy hour, tailgating, and halftime. Turn the sound UP! These are the songs to get fans rallied and ready to cheer for their team.

Sometimes you don’t need much to motivate sports fans to scream and yell for their favorite players. In case enthusiasm is lagging, these tunes will do the trick to get the energy up. We’ve assembled the perfect playlist to get guests motivated to rally behind their team. (You might even want to play these before heading out for an interview or presentation to spur on a bout of confidence.)

The energy begins with The Rolling Stones, “Start Me Up”, continues building even more energy with Ricky Martin’s “Cup of Life” (Olé! Olé! Olé!) and even includes the tune from The Isley Brothers, “Shout” which will do its very best to get a yell or two from the crowd. It’s a really fun and extremely upbeat mix.

Bur music is only one part of this strategy for game watching. I created this playlist to go along with a totally upscale party plan for hosting a gathering to watch the big game. No hot dogs  or chili here, only truly classy bites that more sophisticated guests will appreciate. See all of the plan at this link.

(To hear the playlist from this page, you must have a Spotify account, be logged-in, and listen through the webplayer or desktop app. It’s free!)