Jonesin’ for a bout of old-school house tunes? Here’s a playlist from someone who danced and enjoyed those days.

With every one of our party scenarios we come up with a fun and dance-worthy playlist. This playlist focuses on old-school house numbers you may recall. It is part of the total plan for hosting weekend guests with style and ease. See the recipes and gameplan, if you are having guests over this summer. I show you how to save time cooking and planning, so things go smoothly and you can just spend more time dancing!

Our DJ this month, Eric Oldis is self-styled. This city transplant moved out with his family to the ‘burbs, and the trade-off was more space. But how to keep it real? A man cave with the elements that pull at Eric’s heart strings: a drum set and new digital DJ controller.

Eric Oldis playlist channels his days of clubbing at Limelight Wednesdays (Disco 2000), Roxy Fridays (Together) and Tunnel—dancing to mixes by Junior, Tenaglia, Sasha and Digweeed. “I just do it for fun, I play for friends at our late-night gatherings.”

See if this mix takes you down memory lane.

link to the playlist

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