If you are into drama, check out these pretty, upscale party accessories in black & white. They make a bold, singular, statement that ties the whole scene together.

We chose these items for their graphic appeal. Setting the table with these will create a dynamic scene, stimulating to the eye. This stark presentation is part of a party concept which features recipes which are enhanced by a touch of alcohol in each, think Tequila-Spiced Guacamole or Filet Mignon Sliders topped with Cognac Cream Mushrooms. See the details here.

[1] Craig Varterian

This designer from Boom Design was inspired by lily pads when creating these cool tea light holders in graphic black and white. Comes in either all black or all white. Approx. 18 x 12. $49. [This item is no longer available]

hobnobmag Upscale Party Accessories in Black & White

[2] Michael Sieger

Any one of these pieces from the Ca’ d’Oro collection from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG makes an elegant, graphic statement. Designed by Michael Sieger, the chic, gold-burnished line is inspired by a gothic Venetian palazzo of the same name. From $78 for the espresso saucer to $266 for the presentation plate. Available online at artedona.com

hobnobmag Upscale Party Accessories in Black & White dishes

[3] Anemones

When opting for flowers to include in a display, the anemone shines as a truly black and white choice. White anemones have lovely, and exotic, stark black centers.

hobnobmag Upscale Party Accessories in Black & White

[4] Black ostrich feathers

Consider feathers inside for a display, These exotic, solid black feathers would be a nice addition in a flower arrangement, or displayed on their own. From Touch Of Nature, 13” to 15” $5.

[5] Stark Contrast Play up the black and white idea with white flowers on a blac background, like this set-up seen in the photo.


hobnobmag Upscale Party Accessories in Black & White

[6] Lobmeyr Seven Deadly Sins Glass Collection

From the Austrian company, Lobmeyr, comes a collection of handpainted, mouth-blown crystal glasses with a surprise on the bottom. As you finish your sipping, an illustration of one of the Seven Deadly Sins or the Seven Heavenly Virtues will be revealed. “Envy” boasts a mysterious eye, while “Wrath” holds you at gunpoint. Can you guess what illustrations depicted the rest? That is: Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, and Greed. 3.5” height x 2.75” diameter. $305 each. Seven Deadly sins available online at barneys.com. Seven Heavenly Virtues available at tableartonline.com

[7] Rogaska Emotion Collection

One touch of a glass from ROGASKA makes all others seem inferior. The Emotion Collection of crystal shot glasses make the perfect vessels for sipping. Uniquely etched patterns let guests keep track. $110 for a set of 4. [Can’t seem to locate these particular glasses online, but we recommend any glassware from Rogaska, see the collection here.