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Hobnob’s Party Themes

These complete party plans include six recipes, a signature cocktail, style suggestions, invitation and playlist.

01 Smoked

Tap into primal insticts: smoky flavors are the star of this party.

02 An All White Party

Keep it ultra chill with bounteous bubbly and pale treats.

03 Easy Pizza

Unexpected pizza toppings + crusts, with minimal effort

04 July 4th Bash

American brands + bravado set the scene in red, white + blue.

05 Healing Foods

Superfoods in every bite and sip—no excuses to party.

06 Three Day Party

Cook once and parlay into four more meals with panache.

07 A Latin Fiesta

Spice up the night with South American-inspired party bites.

08 India Calling

Modern indian menu + bright paisley patterns dominate.

09 Alcohol Infusion

Limited edition spirits mix with boozy bites in a black + white scene.

10 Black Tie

A classy affair where all the food is in the shape of a ball.

11 Comfort Pasta

A party menu focused on a custom pasta buffet.

12 Aphrodisiacs

A menu of bites designed to create an amorous mood.

13 Everything Mini

Tiny ingredients make for an adorable buffet.

14 Exotic & Foraged

A party menu featuring exotic and wild ingredients.

15 Rainbow of Food

A menu of rainbow colors for celebrating gay pride, or summer.

16 Summer Fare

A party of fresh and light bites plated in perfect lines.

17 Greek Food & Wine

Non-traditional small bites inspired by the flavors of Greece.

18 Classy Sports

An upscale menu for watching the big game.

19 Spooky Harvest

A black + orange menu for Halloween harvest party.

20 Holiday Comfort

Strategies for hosting your weekend guests in for the holidays.

21 Purely Paleo

Delicious bites for paleo enthusiasts that satisfy cravings.