If you want to make the ultimate statement in bold design, these drinks cabinets and glassware will fit the bill. These outstanding home bars are sure to invoke comments and conversation, and get the job done storing glasses and bottles. Each item has a fantastic story behind it, and a personality to spare.


(photo at the top of this post) Gilded and pristine, this design harks to Art Deco times and Prohibition era. Based on the fantasy personality, Desmond Dare who opened a luxuriously dubious establishment called the Pink Flamingo. Here ladies of great wealth could easily mingle with people of all classes. Add this vibe to your party with the 88 Secrets Bar designed by Nika Zupanc. Made of Plywood, mdf, and metal, the home bar in the photos is shown with copper trim and gold trim, and comes in a striking set of colors: a black on black, deep rose, hunter green, light pink, mint, and grey. Dimensions: about 43.3” w x 27.5” d x 75” h. Price: 21,625.00 €uro.

hobnobmag Unique Home Bars and Glassware


Lulu, is inspired by Lucasta Ludwig, a young 14th century wizard said to be in possession of a magical chamber of spirits that could control the senses. Lulu lured maidens to dance with wild abandon, bestowed amazing powers upon the meek and made spirits soar. This eye-catching home bar can put a spell on your guests! The Lulu Cabinet by Matteo Cibic is sculpted in brass and resin with a brass eye-lip-shaped-tray in the center which doubles as a tabletop. The inside is fully and opulently lined in brass. Dimensions: about 39.3” w x 20.5” d x 75” h. Price: 42,500.00 €uro

hobnobmag Unique Home Bars and Glassware


Left, the Strings Cabinet designed by Nika Zupanc, inspired by the strings of a musical instrument. Made of metal. Dimensions: about 48.5” w x 22” d x 77” h. Price: 16,075.00 €uro

Top, right: The Mimi Cabinet is a plump white home bar with giant ears and dainty legs. Rich brass trims adds opulence to the whimsy. Designed by Matteo Cibic. Dimensions: about 53” w x 25” d x 94.5” h. Price: 38,575.00 €uro

Bottom, right: The Ciuco Cabinet has a large brass donkey head that sits atop a brass and resin lined shirt. This quirky home bar’s buttons act as knobs revealing a spacious cabinet within. A sculptural, decadent conversation piece. Designed by Matteo Cibic. Dimensions: about 35.5” w x 27.5” d x 85” h. Price: 38,575.00 €uro

hobnobmag Unique Home Bars and Glassware


The Lotus Sanctum Cabinet’s design is inspired by the purity of the lotus. Burnished brass walls and pillars and glossy finish make this home bar glow. Designed by Matteo Cibic. Dimensions: about 35.5” w x 20.5” d x 56” h. Price: 18575.00 €uro.

See all the delightful details on the website scarletsplendour.com. The website also lists this store in NYC: Mondo Collection, 5 E. 63rd St, Suite 1ABC, E: info@mondocollection.com.

DOUBLE JEU CARAFE AND GLASSES hobnobmag Unique Home Bars and Glassware


Of course, once you have the bar set up, you will undoubtable be in need of superior glassware. The Double Jeu designed by Sacha Walckhoff comes as a set consisting of a carafe and 2 glasses. Each piece is formed of two separate elements, blown glass and metallic glass. Comes in smoky grey or champagne tones. Manufactured in Prague by Verreum. Carafe, from 440 €uro, set of 2 glasses, from 385 €uro. verreum.com

CRISTALLERIE DE MONTBRONN GLASSES hobnobmag Unique Home Bars and Glassware


These are the heirloom quality glasses that get pulled out to celebrate those special occasions. Coming in a range of deeply beautiful tones, they are a joy to drink from and will elevate whatever you are serving. Made in a little village in France, where generations of glass blowers and cutters have passed down the traditional methods. Founded in 1930 by Joseph L. Ferstler, the style is reminiscent of the era. cristallerie-montbronn.com

photo above: Left, Beaubourg Tumbler, 166,50 €uro. Right, Chartres Wine Glass, 150,60 €uro

CRISTALLERIE DE MONTBRONN GLASSES hobnobmag Unique Home Bars and Glassware

Left, in a stunning array of colors, Opera Champagne Flute, 325,10 €uro. Right, Viktoria Cocktail Martini, €399,10 €uro.