If you are looking for a fun gay pride party music mix, stop right here. This one is guaranteed to get everyone moving to the dance floor—or singing along.

The Rory Donaldson Mix:

We are all familiar with that perfect music mix, the one where there are enough of our favorite tunes mixed in with delightful surprises. The one that compels everyone to stay on the dance floor until the wee hours. This is one of those mixes.

Enjoy complex re-mixed interpretations of your favorites as they mingle with humorous breaks, all with a great dance beat and irresistible joy. This month’s DJ, Rory Donaldson, created the first playlist ever for HOBNOB in the Smoky Party. He is a Scottish artist extraordinaire, and perfectionist, and dabbles in creating these amazing music mixes just for fun. See his work artwork at rorydonaldson.com

link to the playlist

(To hear the playlist from this page, you must have a Spotify account, be logged-in, and listen through the webplayer or desktop app. It’s free!)

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