A promise of having a future told, problem solved, or a chance to connect with someone who’s passed is a sure-fire way to entice guests over for a unconventional gathering. Hobnob finds out how to host a party with a psychic/medium the right way.

HOBNOB consulted with HL Schaeffer, aka The Laughing Medium, on the best way to host a quality experience, one that guests will talk about for years after. This section is just a part of the entire party plan for hosting a fab Halloween or Day of the Dead party,

Finding Someone Reputable:

We’ve all heard the crazy stories of folks getting conned by disreputable persons who pretend to be psychic. How will you know if the person you book is legit? Get a personal recommendation from someone you absolutely trust. That is the only way.

HL Schaeffer, author of H is for Healing advises: “You should feel very positive at your initial contact with them. You might even feel electricity, upon meeting in person, or even by just hearing their voice. Trust your instincts. If something about them just doesn’t sit right in your gut, Do Not Pass Go. Move on.”

“If you have more than one person to choose from, you might want to let your ‘higher-self’ help you decide. Here’s a method I like to use: Write each name on a small piece of paper and fold. Mix them up, and hold each one in closed fist. If it feels tingly, you have a winner. If not, pick up the next one until one does feel right. Then open and see which name you picked.”

Schaeffer recommends having a private reading with the psychic before booking to make doubly sure they have what it takes, and that you have a rapport with them. “Your session should never feel forced. Open yourself and listen. Be in the moment. Don’t try to apply their messages to fit what you know and recognize, as it might not be the case. Just be open and let the energy flow.”

“Come in with a few important questions written down,” advises Schaeffer, “once in session, you might get so enthralled in your experience, you might forget them.”

Who To Invite:

Limit the guest list to 8 maximum, as the psychic/medium can only do so much in one session. This is something to discuss with the person you hire.

Time To Allot:

It’s recommended to allot 20 minutes for each person. Then, if any guest would like to delve further, they can book a private session themselves.

The Set Up:

Provide a private room for the sessions, so they are one-on-one. Offer light alcoholic beverages and snacks during the reading time. Then, after the psychic has gone, have time when everyone can share and indulge in their own experience.

See our interview with HL Schaeffer at this link.

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