H L Schaeffer considers himself to be a human telephone pole between our world and the Spirit world. He wrote a book to explain what it’s like being a psychic in the modern world.

known for:
I am a one stop shop for all of your spiritual needs. I have been able to see auras/energy patterns and have communicated with spirits since I have been conscious. I am a reikimaster, past life hypnotherapist, an ordained minister and an intuitive consultant. Most of all, I have a very contagious laugh. This is why I am the laughing Medium healer. Life is too serious to be taken too seriously.

I am also a former model and film production coordinator. When I walked onto a set with all types of creative juices flowing, I could just feel if the energy was right or not. I have performed countless energy empowerment cleansings, completely transforming a disruptive set into a fantastic, well-oiled machine. In film, time is money. When I did my cleansings, our shoots would always wrap on time, if not even earlier than expected. Producers and directors luv me for this.

where did you grow up?
Was born and live in a shy little place—Brooklyn, NY. As a Brooklyn native, I do have the Brooklyn “Tell It Like It Is” bravado, which has served me well across the globe. I have haggling down to a science. It’s in the blood. Hahahaha. My bullshit meter is very strong. I keep it real, but always with a humorous flair.

are you a social person?
I keep my public very public and my private very private. I have a larger than life personality. I can light up a room, but just as easily blend into the background and observe. When I am in public, I can be a lightning rod, channeling a delightfully, fun, uplifting high energy. I have never liked to be pigeon-holed into just one thing. I luv socializing with a good mixture of different people and personalities. Very much like the eclectic crowds you would find in a European salon. Nothing is off limits.

describe your sense of style
I’m an 80’s club kid/rocker. So I luv to mix different styles and genres most would never think of putting together. I luv’d mixing formalwear like Tux tails, with something outrageous. I have been spiking my hair forever. When I go out, I can be very theatrical. But when I am just chilling, casual is the key.

tell me your favorite thing about New York City
New York is an extremely high energy place, where anything goes, as long as you are authentic about it. You can attract a lot of attention or blend, that’s why celebrities luv NYC. We just let them be. Back in my club days, my favorite clubs were Area, Danceteria and the Palladium. There was no separation, ropes, etc. Gay, straight, Bi, it was all good. If you were cool, you were just cool.

My fav place in all of NYC was Domseys on Kent & Waith in Williamsburg. The best thrift store in the world. I would walk out of there with mint condition Valentino, Versace & Hugo Boss suits, each never more than $25. You could find just about anything. I could spend maybe $200 for a fabulous wardrobe. That’s where I could get pieces from all different eras and make my new “H Masterpieces.”

what do you do to unwind?
Being a medium and healer requires a lot of downtime. I luv to veg at home with my beautiful husband Michael Timbers. My guilty pleasure is Survivor. I have never missed an episode. But have zero desire to ever be on the show.

I luv to play my quartz singing bowl. I meditate on a regular basis, have to recharge my batteries, so I can be all that H can be. I absolutely adore indulging in food—so many yummy things you can get in NYC. Especially in Brooklyn.

Traveling away from the high voltage in NYC is a must. I have traveled across the globe, soaking up many different cultures. Michael & I are huge history buffs. Luv to visit ancient places and let it all tell me their stories. My favorite destinations are Greece, Egypt & Mexico.

I especially like to visit haunted, mystical and inhabited places. I have a very strong connection with Eastern State Penitentiary & Alcatraz, for me, it’s like a psychic Disneyland. God Bless Michael. He is always a good sport with it all.

what’s your favorite thing to do at a party?
A lot of times, I am the party—hahahahaha. I throw caution to the wind, spike up the hair and let loose. Ellen Swandiak, HOBNOB’s founder, has the ultimate parties that are my favorites. You just never know who is going to be there. You will always find yourself deep into fantastic conversations, with really interesting people.

your cocktail of choice?
Vodka or Tequila. I like real, authentic spirits that are about that smooth taste, not about a celebrity spokesperson. As part of my Jewish heritage, you have to have the real thing. If my tequila is not pure agave—pass. I have learned from my many Mexico adventures, how to spot a real one. Not one made for tourists. Hangovers are just not cute. I just like it real.

My drink of choice in my club days was a chilled, double vodka martini, shaken, hold the vermouth and, most importantly, served in a wine goblet. Martini glasses are very pretty. But they don’t travel well. A goblet is like a weeble. Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down. No spillage. Plus nobody has any idea what you’re drinking. What’s life without a few mysteries?

name the goal you’d like to accomplish over the next year
Continue developing H is For Healing as an international spiritual healing powerhouse. To help eradicate fear.


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