I am writing this to honor and remember a dear friend who was taken by Covid-19. All who knew him are now stunned and feeling a great loss.

Here’s a little about him. George Ross was the closest thing to an angel on earth, he was also was a man of immense talent, taste, and vision. As a photographer, he saw things differently—he truly observed the world, capturing a deep stillness, beauty, and a sense of peace. His clients have ranged from IKEA, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Jack Rogers, Luxe Magazine, House Beautiful and Brides to working with renowned Interior Designers such as Michael Aiduss Design. Whether shooting a multi-million dollar home or a simple vase, he never gave less than 100%. He was deeply respectful of his subjects and a stickler with lighting, which he learned under the tutelage of Lilo Raymond. To work with George was a dream. No matter the goal, George would jump through hoops making sure to achieve what you were looking for with an unfailing kindness. George worked with a sense of joy that stemmed from his deep love of photography and creative drive.

George Ross photo grasses cityscape

George Ross photo interior

Many people judge the importance of people by what they do in the world—George always made people feel important regardless of status or position. Anyone who knew him would say he listened endlessly, he never judged. A positive thinker, one of his magnificent gifts was that he inspired everyone around him to do their best. And, as talented as he was, there was never an ego issue.

George Ross photo indoor pool

George Ross photo antique books

George Ross photo cubbard

George Ross photo details

George went into the Hospital on March 16 after a week of feeling ill, after getting the corona virus. Unfortunately shortly after being removed from a respirator he passed. We lost a great friend, a wonderful man, a husband and father. He is survived by 2 children Katie and Simon, who he passionately loved, and his loving partner Cathryn.

George Ross photo vintage toys

George Ross photo butero

George Ross photo flowers and pillow

George Ross photo orange is his favorite color

We will always think of him when we see the color orange, which he surrounded himself with in props, clothing, down to the extension cords with which he connected his computer to his camera. The color is associated with joy, sunshine, enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, and determination—which are words that can be used to describe the man himself.

photos by George Ross

George Ross at the diner