We interview Patricia Fox, whose brand Purely Patricia has her working overtime, and looking great while doing so. We applaud her creativity and positive nature.

Known for

her colorful, head to toe style a.k.a. Purely Patricia, being a NYC artist, interior designer, fashion influencer, style collaborator, model, spokesperson, and event curator.

HOBNOBMAG Patricia Fox Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows

Where did you grow up?

Pawtucket, RI, a small upper class neighborhood where I dreamed of being Miss America.

Are you a social person?

YES. I feel my life in NYC is constant lights, music, action! I am a street style person. I love people, and love engaging with the homeless, the sanitation people, the well heeled, etc. Anyone who comes on my radar is not beyond approach. I find out the most interesting things about people by just having an impromptu, brief conversation. By the very nature of my personality and style I am a magnet for curiosity and engagement—I welcome  and embrace it. I practice being kind and generous of spirit so my interactions are a positive and impactful experience. Some encounters have become long lasting relationships.

Describe your sense of style

Purely Patricia is my brand and has become the trademark for describing my style. A famous artist described me as being “a walking installation.” I was totally flattered and identified strongly with this observation. I dress for myself, setting a mood, a feeling  for the  adventure that will unfold as my daily life. I designed  a well-organized dressing room that is a treasure trove, filled with beautiful, sparkling, magical accessories and clothing. The room serves as a palette to assemble my wardrobe creations and ensembles that materialize into the artistic visions of myself.  The greatest amusement happens when I look in a full length mirror and wonder, “What was I thinking”?  The answer is always a smile, a wink, and a thumbs up as I go out into the world.

HOBNOBMAG Patricia Fox Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows

Tell me your favorite thing about New York City

I love New York City for its constant visual stimulation, diversity of people, immense creativity of everything—the surprise amusements, the unexpected ideas, and the feeling of being on the edge recognizing that NYC life is real and not a movie.Therefore the necessity to be vigilant, present, on the move and aware is essential. This sense is the heart beat of living life!

What do you do to unwind?

I never unwind I merely shift gears…Activities—the movies, theater, shopping, antiquing, and, of course, dining out, entertaining or going to a party. My solitude meditative time is in my studio creating assemblage art.

Your cocktail of choice

A Shirley Temple.

Name the goal you would like to accomplish over the next year

I reached the best goal ever this year being on a billboard in Times Square… hard to imagine what is next, however, the cover of a magazine is possible and taking the next right action always leads to something positive. More will be revealed!

HOBNOBMAG Patricia Fox Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows