Known for being the brains behind DATE WHILE YOU WAIT, a pop-up sensation in NYC subway stations where he invites strangers to play a board game while they wait for the train; wearing a bow tie of Scrabble pieces that spell GREAT; performing customer relations at a technology company

hobnobmag Date While You Wait

where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY

are you a social person?
I like to think so. I definitely have moments where I like to be by myself, but overall, yes.

describe your sense of style
My style is strictly based on how I feel. I wear whatever matches my mood when I wake up.

tell me your favorite thing about New York City.
The diversity. It’s something that blows my mind, connecting with people from all walks of life.

what do you do to unwind?
I’m a huge sports guy, so I would say playing basketball. I really enjoy playing on the West Side Highway in Manhattan, its my sanctuary.

your cocktail of choice
Could never go wrong with Honey Jack Daniels and Coke

name the goal you would like to accomplish over the next year
Creating and running a successful non-profit, focused on young men.

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