Legendary people are not born, they are made, and no one has worked harder for his esteemed status than Freck Vreeland. The 96 year old former Senior US Diplomat and CIA spy gets his famous name from his mother, the iconic Diana Vreeland. The mythical-like socialite and Vogue Editor In Chief introduced her son to a life without borders. It is perhaps for this very reason that even a life of privilege could not stop him from desiring a career that involved serving his country in more than one capacity. During his long career, Freck Vreelend briefed President John F. Kennedy in preparation for his famous Berlin visit, rode horses with royals while serving as an ambassador to Morocco, and even published a guide book to Rome. Most recently the former senior US diplomat penned a memoir, covering everything from his friendship with the Kennedys to growing up with the empress of fashion. 

Having the privilege to take a sneak peek at Freck Vreeland’s memoir, all I can think of is how sad I feel to have missed all that history, but mainly I imagine myself at one of his fabulous Morocco parties. That would have been a treat! Glamorous lifestyle aside, Freck Vreeland is an unstoppable force from a generation we can still learn from. In person, Freck is not the serious diplomat and Cold War spy you imagine him to be. He is calming and kind, but best of all, he loves being the life of the party. Being silly and enjoying life in the moment seems to be his trademark. If you aren’t yet, I suggest you keep up with Freck Vreeland on his Instagram. Here, he answers Hobnob’s Personality questions: 

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Danbury, Connecticut. Shortly after my parents moved to London, where I spent my first few years. When I was about 7 we moved again, via a short spell in Germany and Geneva, to New York. I still consider myself a New Yorker.

Are you a social person?

Yes, I love people. Nowadays I get more tired, but still thrive on social engagements.

Describe your sense of style.

I am color blind, so I tend to leave the choice of my clothing to my wife, but I’m very conscious of never wearing a polo shirt underneath a sweater with an open collar. I don’t like two collars. I don’t like heavy clothes, and I always wear a pocket scarf. I love bright colors. Yellow pants, bright blue sweaters, purple scarves. I prefer bow ties over normal ties, and always wear my velcro custom-made sneakers from Lisbon. They have seen many parts of the world with me for the last 6 years, and they are still wonderful.

Favorite thing about New York City?

Wandering around in Central Park.

What do you do to unwind?

My favorite place to be is in my cozy living room or on our sunny terrace in Rome. You will always find me here enjoying a book and sometimes a cup of tea. 

Your cocktail of choice?

I’m more of a wine and beer person than cocktails, although I don’t mind them if they are not too sweet.

Name something you’d still like to accomplish?

I would love to be able to keep traveling. Japan is back on my list, and Bali. Otherwise, I can honestly say I have never been happier.