Sustainable fashion is on the rise but not all brands have the ability to evoke a feeling. Artisan Cara Marie Piazza is a Natural Dyer and Textile Designer who has set her sights on ethical fashion with heritage and environment in mind.

We met the designer in her Brooklyn home and immediately noticed her love of vintage. Cara strives to live a green lifestyle and she had a lot to say about fashion, spirituality and women’s rights. She is an open-minded wise soul. No wonder there is an earthy specialness and a sense of folklore in her work. Seeing clothing through Cara’s eyes makes you realize that what you put on your body matters. Her creations, especially the intimates, are meant to make the wearer feel comfortable, protected and strong.

HOBNOBMAG Cara Maria Piazza Natural Dyer

The magic of Cara’s creations can seen in the results of her natural dye process. Everything is naturally dyed through alchemical dye sessions, ancient shibori techniques, and bundle dyeing. Using only natural materials, such as flowers from the events industry and food waste from local restaurants, Cara dyes fabric for her own label, C a l y x and collaborates with other brands as well. This designer is busy teaching the world that you do not have to run out and buy fast fashion, opting for a special piece of clothing in your closet is worth more because it will last you a lot longer.

Bridal season approaching, new brides might be happy to know they can immortalize their special day by transforming their bridal bouquets into a custom dyed-garment. Cara teaches classes on dyeing as well and you can find out more information on her website:

Where did you grow up?

New York City.

Are you a social person?

Extremely! I love community and being around friends and family.

Describe your sense of style

Stevie Nicks meets Victorian hipster.

Tell me your favorite thing about New York City

It’s pulse.

What do you do to unwind?

I like to read, cook dinner and take lots of naps.

Your cocktail of choice

I don’t actually drink! But I love a ginger mocktail with jalapeno.

Name the goal you would like to accomplish over the next year

Teach more around the world.

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