Nothing is more beautiful than a sunny day in the Greek Isles. That was the inspiration for this summer party decor with Greek flair—in bright blue and yellow—happiness has been achieved.

Think sea and sun: Hot yellow and a light sea blue can totally enliven a party scene. I chose these objects as the style statement for my party plan with a Greek theme. In addition to the bright colors, a focus on classic Greek Key pattern is mandatory. And to keep bad vibes away, make sure to include an evil eye into the mix. Your friends will thank you for the protection.

[1] Pixel Beverage Table by Porta Forma

How handy is an outdoor coffee table with built in ice bucket? It almost requires you to fill it up with nice bottles of wine and invite people over. This model from Porta Forma comes outfitted in fresh powdercoated white aluminum with integrated beverage insert in a contrasting blue. The insert has a cover for when not in use—but I hope that will never be the case! It drains then plugs back up for easy care.  51”W x 48”D x 15-1/2”H. $1,495.

hobnobmag Decor with Greek Flair

[2] Eléna by Alain Saint Joanis

Turquoise makes a splash on your table in this majestic flatware set. Each piece is hand-assembled polished enamel on silver plated handle. Dishwasher safe. Alain Saint-Joanis has been creating and manufacturing flatware collections for the table since 1876. 5 pc setting, $970.

[3] Tobi Fairley Home Collection

Super stylized Greek Key is the motif in this graphic collection. The Acropolis Collection takes cues from the traditional imagery of ancient Greece in bold yellow on white linen. Flip pillows to view a different design—silhouettes of Apollo and Venus on one side, and greek key on the other. 22 x 22 inches. $260.

hobnobmag Decor with Greek Flair

[4] Caspari Cocktail Napkins

Channel the sun and sea with turquoise and yellow napkins. The Lizard Airlaid Paper Linen Cocktail Napkins come 12 to a pack. $7.50 Trellis, in stunning yellow come 20 to a pack, $5. These napkins are biodegradable and compostable and printed in Germany using non-toxic, water soluble dyes.

[5] Hellenic Farms Greek Idisti Coaster Evil Eye

Keep evil at bay with this set of 6 coasters in a plethora of blue tones. The eye is meant to be an amulet to protect from curses and bestow good luck on the owner and has been used in Greece from the 6th century BC, where it commonly appeared on drinking vessels, jewelry, and ships. $14.

hobnobmag Decor with Greek Flair

[6] Jonathan Adler Greek Key

House a Greek salad in a corresponding bowl made of high-fired porcelain with platinum accents. The collection also has a mug, dinner plate, dessert plate, and adorable square salt and pepper shakers (seen in the photo at the top of this post) to round out the set. Dishwasher safe. 9-inch diameter. $80.

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