It’s such a treat when the design showrooms get together and open up their doors, like they did for the night: What’s New What’s Next. HOBNOB did the tour, while sipping cocktails along the way. Here is a sampling of what caught our eye.

HOBNOBMAG whats new whats next

HOBNOBMAG whats new whats next calder

At What’s New What’s Next in 200 Lex:

1st Dibs: They’ve got the whole 10th floor full of collectibles of many eras. Loved the Calder mobiles, a cool enamel red abstract, and a glossy metal bench.

Fair: This showroom was a place of total zen, with its muted tones and utilitarian pieces. Love the metal and rope lounge and folding tables. (seen in photo at the top of the post)

Nearby in the Moooi showroom:

Moooi: Gorgeous illustrated rugs countered glamorous pieces. The fringe on the sofa and ottoman made the couch appear as if it were floating. Totally cool effect. Backdropped against extremely dramatic blow ups of insects by Levon Biss in his Microsculpture series.

HOBNOBMAG whats new whats next moooi

HOBNOBMAG whats new whats next moooi