Modern fire pits for every taste: for cooking, a touch of ambiance, or a little extra heat as the night cools down. Hobnob found five styles that are sure to please modern taste buds.

[1] Cast-Iron Fire Bowl by Søren Slebo. For wood or charcoal, this pit is made with an efficient conical shape, with two built-in handles for portability. Add the optional stainless steel grill top and you can cook on it. Think about taking it to the beach or backyard, but it cannot be used on a wood surface. $325. Available online at

[2] Gandia Blasco So sleek. This design from Spain is made of stainless steel and uses Bioethanol. $1,232 (20” diameter) $1,716 (36” diameter). Available online at

[3] Pure Modern Fitted with a natural or propane gas burner, the Sultan Fire Pit comes with a choice of lava rock or colorful fire beads. Made from cast concrete, the color is mixed in so will not peel off. 36”W x 15”H. $2,500 – $2,775.

[4] Mod Fire Set up a fire-y scene in an urban space. Mod Fire designs sleek fire pits made of 14 gauge steel in wood burning, propane, or natural gas models in fantastic colors that will brighten up your outdoor space. Tall Urbanfire measures 22” diameter x 48” high. $1,350 to $1,650. Round Atrofire measures 34” diameter x 17” high. $1,450.

[5] Great Bowl O’ Fire by John T. Unger If you are looking for a fire pit with character a-la-Game of Thrones, check out the offerings from artist John T. Unger, who creates sculptural fire bowls from recycled steel in Hudson, New York. The artist poses with the Great Bowl O’ Fire, which measures 37”. $2,000. Available online at