For all of Hobnob’s party plans, we usually include a fun playlist to keep the action up. But in this case, of the Lazy, Sweat Pants Party, we thought that providing some suggestions for TV binge watching was in order.

Get the gang to come over with Binge-Viewing suggestions. Everyone has their favorites, so ask your guests to recommend their favorite shows, or find something new for everyone to indulge in. Here are some ideas:

[1] High Maintenance, tales of the pot dealer on HBO brings a slice of life from Brooklyn denizens

[2] Videos from your favorite 80s bands, these could bring back a lot of memories

[3] Soul Train, was a show I was addicted to as a youngster. View them for the best in 70s style and dance moves. Hours of fun. You can find the videos on YouTube.

[4] The Flight of the Conchords on HBO. This pair is just hilarious, the more shows you watch, the more you get their idiosyncratic humor.

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