Meet a prolific burlesque star and artist, who really thinks out of the box. She pioneered the program Naked Girls Reading and a style all her own.

In every crowd there’s that person that just stands out… and makes people stop in their tracks. In honor of the Wild party, we meet Michelle L’amour…

known for
Being an international burlesque star and dance teacher; Creating the international literary salon franchise, Naked Girls Reading; Writing daily Tease Tips on Twitter with advice on life, love and the tease

where did you grow up?
I grew up in Orland Park, a suburb of Chicago.

are you a social person?
I can be. I need moments of quiet but I very much enjoy great conversation, food, drinks and music.

describe your sense of style
My style runs the gamut that is for sure! Usually you will see me in some sort of workout wear as I teach burlesque most every day so I need my clothing to allow for movement. I also will just randomly stretch and throw a leg up in conversation. I need to be free! If I’m in New Orleans, my other home, I will definitely wear what I call ‘Crazy Pants’, leggings with an outlandish print. I find this really brings out my ass and really lights up a room! The other state you will see me in is nudity/pasties/g-string. I am known as ‘The Most Naked Woman’ after all. I can also kill it in a gown and jewels, rock ‘n’ roll bad assery, and a great kaftan.

tell me your favorite thing about New York City
Is it cliché to say Central Park? I LOVE Central Park. I also love the Met. It is beyond beautiful. I could lose days in that place. I love the distinct neighborhoods too. I also love that anything can happen at any time. Everything is at your fingertips. The possibilities are truly endless. It fuels my dreams. Ya know, someone should make a shirt that says ‘I Heart NY’. I would probably wear it with my g-string or crazy pants.

what do you do to unwind?
I love to read, usually naked with the ceiling fans on. A glass of bourbon is especially nice too. Other than that, a great walk that just rambles and has no real plan or goal.

your cocktail of choice
Lately, I’ve been drinking what I affectionately call a ‘Between the Legs’. It’s a take on the classic ‘Between the Sheets’ but with bourbon instead of rum. So, it’s bourbon, cointreau, cognac and lemon juice. Sugar rim is optional.

name the goal you would like to accomplish over the next year
I admit that I’ve had my cursor on the answer to the question for about a half hour. My goals and ambitions are changing and I am in a bit of transition right now. Things that I thought I wanted, may not be the things I want now. To be general about it, I want to keep creating great art that is fueled with sexuality, intelligence and humor. I want to present the alternative to what is considered ‘sexy’ or ‘beautiful’ in this day. I strive to present an honest, genuine and vulnerable me in all of my acts. I think those characteristics lend themselves to power and strength. I want to keep pushing the boundaries and keep clearing a path for those that come up behind me. (no, that is not an innuendo.)

twitter – @michelle_lamour – instagram – michellelamour