Winter weekends and guests should include some fun indoor games. Whether or not you own a ski house or a tiny cabin in the woods, stock these designer games to keep guests active and engaged, especially when the weather is too cold to venture outside. Some hot toddies or warm hot chocolate complete the scene.

Iron and Glory Double-Six Domino Set A laser-engraved box houses 28 duo-tone double-six dominoes with brass spinners. The image of the octopus wraps around the sides for variety. Made in Brooklyn. $60.

Iron and Glory Copper Dice Set BYOD: Bring your own dice, for a game of chance at any given moment. These are polished copper and have solid weight. Also comes in silver or gold and arrive in handsome carrying case. Made in Brooklyn. $30.

Ameico Man Ray Chess Set Invest in a true work of art, with pieces that are a joy to maneuver. Man Ray translates traditional chess pieces into bold geometric forms. His design was inspired by his lifelong friendship with avid chess player and fellow artist Marcel Duchamp. Made of solid beech wood and comes in a gift box. 32 pcs, $380. Board, $210. 17″ x 17″ x 3/4″ D

Areaware Puzzlehead Puzzlehead is both a brainteaser and construction toy, inspired by the doodles of artist-cartoonist-filmmaker-musician Richard McGuire. The puzzle can form a perfect square, or just be set together creatively.  11.5 x 11.5 x .5″ $40.

Areaware Gradient Puzzle For puzzle enthusiasts with a minimal bent. Designed by Bryce Wilner, the Gradient Puzzle is a vibrant way to lose yourself in color. The act of putting it together is slow and deliberate, where the tone color of each piece is used to locate its proper position. The puzzle is printed on a thick stock, so can be assembled again and again without losing its edge. Also comes in Red/Yellow and Black/White. 18″ x 24”. $20.

Alexandra von Furstenberg’s Rockwell Backgammon Set For the modernist home, this is the set that should be on display at all times inviting guests to partake in a competitive round. Handcrafted in the US by skilled artisans that know how to take luxurious acrylic and turn it into a work of art—each edge, corner and face is finished. 21″ W x 15″ D x 1.25″ H $980.

Misc Goods Co. Playing Cards and Case A graphic designer with some time on his hands designed these edgy, modern cards and launched Misc Goods with a Kickstarter campaign, that forever changed his life. The Green Playing Card set is his third edition and features new colors, typography, and icons. Letters and numbers are totally original and 250% larger to help with quicker game play. The deck is manufactured by the United States Playing Card Co, and is printed on the highest quality coated playing card stock. Also comes in red, ivory, or black. $15. To keep your decks safe, invest in the Double Deck Leather Case. Made with vegetable tan leather, golden wax coated cotton tread, a red strap and two natural brass O-rings. It can also comes complete with ivory and red decks. Made in USA. 4″ x 3″ x 1.7″. $88.