Choose among these tokens to show your love. These selections will delight recipients with their whimsical, humorous tone. Or really come in handy.

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts


Spextrum Tissue Dispenser

The sassiest tissue box in the market! Tissue Up Girl dispenses tissues with a bit of flair. Perfect for that diva in your life. $34. Available online at

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts


Izola Kits

This company offers a myriad of cool, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, pocket-sized kits in handy aluminum boxes. For that guy with fab facial hair consider the Beard Grooming Kit. It contains all he needs to soften, moisturize, and style moustache and beard. Included in the set: beard oil, moustache wax, stainless steel moustache shaped comb, stainless steel scissors. Great stocking stuffer. $35.

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts


Le Creuset

This classic brand is a culinary-minded person’s collectible. I love the pieces in Caribbean Blue. The pitcher works great for hot or cold liquids. $45. Canisters come with a tight-sealing beech wood lid. Set of three, $125. 5-1/2-Quart Round French Oven, $339. on

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts


Snowfox Glassware

This is a hostess-loving dream: glasses made of stainless steel, in a rainbow of colors. Snowfox has a line of  insulated stainless steel barware that look and feel like glassware but keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. In the photos: the Indoor Collection comes in sleek, sophisticated tones, The Elegance collection is a mix of white and gold. They are offered in these shapes: Sauvignon Blanc wine glass, Pinot Noir wine glass, carafe, martini glass, champagne flute, rocks, beer, and highball. Set of 2, $35. Browse the website for the right fit for you giftee.

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts


New York Puzzle Company

I don’t know about you, but I am a puzzle freak. I love these collections of vintage magazine covers and sweet natural specimens—images you may want to keep and frame for fun. Each box, around $20. Search the site to find the one that suits your giftee, and plan to spend a relaxing weekend with them and a bottle of wine and puzzle forming.

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts


Misc Goods Solid Cologne

Packaged in a handsome wooden case, these colognes for men would make a great travel accessory and grand stocking stuffer. The scent is a subtle mix of rosemary, leather, tobacco, wood, and ale embedded in beeswax. The case is cherry and ox horn and fantastically portable. $60.

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts



This is the gift for the consummate pot-luck party hopper. There is no more elegant way to transport a dish of your making to a party. From industrial designer Shujan Bertrand, this tote is meant to last generations and designed with sustainability in mind all the way. She’s created sturdy totes made from organic cotton canvas or surplus raw denim for carrying casseroles, baguettes, wine and more. The Wide Culinary Tote keeps a dish upright, and makes it a breeze to carry. $75.

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts


Sieger by Fürstenberg Sip of Gold

In comic-book fashion, this elegant company debuts Star Man, Glamour Girl, Marvellous Monkey and Rumble Rex to make up the team known as “The Sparkling 4”. I have sipped from one of these glasses, and it definitely adds to any bubbly experience. Meticulously handcrafted in Germany, each tumbler is one of a kind, pairing wafer-thin porcelain with gleaming gold. The 24-carat interior adds glistening reflections as soon as a sparkling beverage is poured in. Around $200. each. Available in the US at

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts


Posie Turner Socks

Do you believe in the power of positive thinking? Here are a collection of socks for men and women that have an inspiring statement woven right in. Your recipient will be thinking of you as they pull on their Peruvian-woven fine Pima cottons, reading “All In” or “Go With the Flow” as they start their day. $16.50 per pair.

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts


W & P Design Art Puzzles

OK, as I have already stated: I like jigsaw puzzles. These bear images from 20th century art masters, Bauhaus, Hard Edge and Pop Art. The puzzles are 500 pieces offering hours of zen enjoyment. $20.

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts


Nuni Tortilla Toaster

For the taco lover. This toaster will heat 6 corn, flour, or wheat tortillas at a time—in just one minute—allowing for hosting finesse. It can adjust to 5 shade settings with auto shut off, so need need to monitor. Available in black, white, red and grey. $99.

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts


Hygge Games

The hygge concept has invaded city dweller’s mindsets.  Hygge is Danish for enjoying the simple things in life—a feeling of togetherness, coziness, sharing a good time with friends and family. (If you haven’t seen the play Frozen on Broadway, you are missing out on a hilarious and stunning depiction of the concept). The Hygge Game encourages participants to share stories, discussing things big and small. More than 300 entertaining and thoughtful questions are designed to spark interesting, revealing conversation. The I Should Have Known That! game contains over 400 questions about things that you think you should know, for trivia buffs. For the practically-minded, Things They Don´t Teach You In School is full of fun facts and totally useless knowledge, which could lead to a night of laughter and frivolity. Around $20.

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts


Artisan Soap Bars

These soap bars are a work of art, looking more like dessert than utilitarian. Made with fresh harvested extra virgin olive oil from select farmers located in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions with only the finest essential oils blended in, and plenty of texture. This is a nice gift to bring to your host where you will be staying overnight. $10 each.

hobnobmag Unusual Gifts


Nodpod Sleep Mask

For the traveler or napper in your life, this sleep mask offers a little bit more. The mask is filled with weighted microbeads which applies gentle pressure which may create a calming effect, like a hug. It has different materials on each side, the jersey cotton side cools, the fleece side warms. $25.