This month’s guest DJ has created a compilation of songs that span Classic to Indie to Dance to get the party rockin’. See what I95 rocker Steve “Fratt” Frattarola has arranged for Hobnob’s party playlist.

Steve “Fratt” Frattarola, now a realtor with Houlihan Lawrence in Westchester and Putnam (NY), once led the wild life, traveling with rock bands and DJ-ing for 25 years. You can catch his show on rocker I95 in Danbury, CT and if you’re a fan of the NFL, tune into his show GameFace is on CBS Sports Radio Sundays at 9am ( to get a dose of football chatter all year round.

This prolific man has also co-written a webisode of STAR TREK CONTINUES: Pilgrim of Eternity. Hobnob hangs around with the most interesting people.

link to the playlist

(To hear the playlist from this page, you must have up a Spotify account, be logged-in, and listen through the webplayer or desktop app. It’s free!)