For the ultimate in glamping, choose a tent which can be suspended in mid air. Tentsile gives you the goods for doing so. Hobnob also sees a use for this in backyards as a fun spot for kids, or adults, to escape to.

Now here’s a tent that makes sense—it takes the situation off the ground, away from crawling critters and hard surfaces. The Stingray Tree Tent from Tentsile fits three people who can enter via a hatch in the floor, providing the perfect place to relax, suspended in nature.

HOBNOBMAG Tentsile Tree Tent1

Would also make a nice backyard escape for a weekend house, providing a nest-like spot to relax while being shielded from the elements. HOBNOB suggests utilizing this as an extra party space, where a select few can sneak away and chill for a moment. Or for more adventurous types, an outdoor overnight guest room. $650.

HOBNOBMAG Tentsile Tent Suspended in Mid Air