Pizza displays well on wooden surfaces, and can become your go-to for simple and elegant entertaining. I found a pair of chic wood serving boards that are party ready and show off your good taste.

These handmade serving boards will not only enhance your presentation, but can become heirloom pieces to cherish.

Y’a Pas Le Feu Au Lac Arbour Cake Stand 

Elevate your finished pizzas or topping selections on this adorable mini pedestal. (photo, left) Designer Ed Carpenter creates a clean, modern, and organic platform. The ARBOUR has a conical base which inserts through the platter on top and locks into place. I envision the mini pizzas set out so guests can take the one that looks best. What’s great about elevated platters, in general, is that you can fit more things on the table. Think about doing a grouping, they come in red, as shown, and a light gray and white, and are lacquered. They can also be stacked to form multiple levels. $150. Available online at

LOSTINE Maple Long Cutting Board

This long board comes with a handsome leather strap for hanging. Lostine suggests using one side for presentation and the other as a cutting surface. This could become your favorite cutting board that will last for generations, as maple is popular for its durability and density. 6”w x 20”l x 2’d $170. See their gorgeous collection of leather and wood hand make items for the kitchen. Available online at

HOBNOBMAG creative pizza party2

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