If cannabis is legal in your neck of the woods, consider these high-end accessories, edibles, and even a scent to accentuate your 420 lifestyle with panache.

Take entertaining to new highs, so to speak, with this great assortment of hemp-friendly products. Perhaps, someday, this will all be the norm.

hobnobmag 420 Lifestyle website

The New Smoker Website: This website brings you the ultimate in the hemp and cannabinoid world, from accessories to personal products at the most sophisticated level. Here are some of Hobnob’s picks, as seen on the site:

HOBNOBMAG 420 Lifestyle Products review

• Edibles from To Whom It May Chocolates, a specialty company that offers gorgeous, organic chocolates in doses from 2.5 mg to 45 mg

HOBNOBMAG 420 Lifestyle products

•Torii Re-Leaf CBD beverage for relaxing and detoxing

HOBNOBMAG 420 Lifestyle products2

• bud boutonnieres for weddings

HOBNOBMAG 420 Lifestyle products2

• Foria Pleasure, a sensual enhancement product especially made for women.

Check out their elegant selection. thenewsmoker.com

HOBNOBMAG 420 Lifestyle Products review

Martin Margiela Untitled: Many of those who have taken a whiff of this scent register a lovely hint of cannabis. Scent notes from the website: “…evokes a surprising melody of green freshness with a plant bouquet aroma that evolves into a train of incense and musk notes.” Designed with both men and women in mind. maisonmargiela.com

Marley Natural: Only for discerning connoisseurs, this masculine collection of pot accoutrement (photo at the top of this post) is made from sustainably-grown American black walnut accented by hand-blown glass. These pieces are truly display-worthy—for when guests arrive—and offer an assortment of pipes, carrier, trays, and ashtray.

For private moments, stock their signature hemp seed soap and other beauty products, for hydrating naturally. The soap blends a bunch of oils together: safflower, olive, coconut, and hemp seed, and adds a bit eucalyptus for balance. marleynaturalshop.com