Everyone needs their own little escape hatch, a place to indulge in relaxed and soul-nourishing  pursuits. HOBNOB finds 20-such necessities for creating the ultimate man cave, which will make you the envy of all your cohorts.

Man caves, that place for escape or lavish entertainment, are a must for anyone who has the space to devote to such pleasures. For the man (or woman for that matter!) with impeccable taste, Hobnob presents a roster of goodies that can truly enhance the “cave” experience. Or, heck, if you don’t have the space, just think of including any of the selections in your repertoire for hosting with the mosting.

[1] Calma e Gesso Filotto Crystal Pool Table

(see photo above) For the ultimate in sophistication and show-stopping presence, this crystal pool table can become the center attraction of your cave.

The company’s name Calma e Gesso, comes from an Italian expression describing that moment of reflection (calma) just before a pool player takes a difficult shot while rotating chalk (gesso) on the tip of his cue stick. How cool is that?

The table’s amazing presence is due to its thin steel frame which adjusts and supports the game surface as if it were floating in mid-air. The wool top comes in choice of 25 colors. calmaegesso.com

[2] True Residential Beverage Dispenser

Ideal for the beer connoisseur, this draft beer dispenser stands apart because of its exclusive airflow technology. No matter what the temperature, you’ll get a consistent 33° frosty pour, without excess foam. That’s because an air-cooled system prevents warm air from entering the tower (which causes a glass full of foam).

The unit’s refrigerator holds one or two kegs, and comes with single or dual taps. It can also be used as a regular refrigerator when beer is not on the menu. The single tap, 15-inch wide unit fits a tall 1/4 barrel which serves up to 87 pints. $3589. The dual tap 24-inch unit fits a tall 1/4 barrel plus a 1/6 barrel and serves up to 137 pints. $4289. Available in stainless steel front or custom panels to match decor. true-residential.com

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[3] Seletti Neon Art

Nothing says more for a bar atmosphere than a hit of neon. Designed by Selab, these letters, numbers, and symbols can string together to make a compelling statement. Available in five colors. Now you just need to figure out what to say.  seletti.it

[4] The Revolution Cocktail Shaker Set

Those addicted to unique and coveted design pieces can add this trophy to their bar. Dreamed up by a couple of modern designers, no element was overlooked in developing this unique cocktail shaker. Glass vessel, polished stainless steel strainer, and stir stick by fferrone and gentner design. 8.75 inches high, holds 24 fl oz $200. fferronedesign.com

hobnobmag ultimate man cave picks

[5] Fiat 500 Smeg Refrigerator

Have your very own sports car parked in your living room. The latest addition to a growing range of Fiat-inspired home furnishings—using an actual car—joins a dining table, picnic table and sofa.

Smeg refrigeration technology gives this piece its ultimate functionality—keeping the brewskies chilled. Available in white, green or red, in accordance with the Italian flag. $7,300. smeg.com

[6] Daneson Flavored Toothpicks

Cigar smoking is passe. Instead, offer guests a perfectly healthy after-dinner treat: finely-made toothpicks embedded with a sophisticated array of flavors.

Daneson takes the finest quality Northern White Birch and infuses its toothpicks with a series of signature tastes, including Cinnamint, Mint, Salted, Lemon, Ginger Honey, Single Malt, and Bourbon.

They are devoted to maintaining forest growth by replanting at least one tree for every tree taken. HOBNOB’s choice, the Single Malt No. 16, infuses barrel-aged Islay scotch from a 200-year-old distillery, resulting in an enjoyable, subtle peaty flavor when warmed in the mouth. $36 for 4 batches. daneson.com

hobnobmag ultimate man cave picks

[7] Diesel Living with Seletti: Machine Collection

Diesel Living takes fashion to the table with the DIY flatware collection—suggesting a tune-up, but these are merely designed for eating. $357 for the 24-pc set. seletti.it

hobnobmag ultimate man cave picks

[8] Vin de Garde Wine Cellars

Custom-designed wine cellars by sommeliers might be the ultimate indulgence and haven for sampling. These designers make sure your collection is displayed beautifully and minimally, and offer the best in technologies for keeping wine cool. Systems for holding bottles use premium materials that allow for the most capacity, maximum airflow and simple installation, some of which can be self-installed for the handy guy. vindegarde.ca

[9] Carl Mertens Verso Peanut Server

For those who abhor sharing a bowl of nuts with the crowd, the Verso Peanut server comes as a welcome addition. Use the included paper hopper for easy filling. Nuts pour out nicely into your hand or mouth for munching. Available in matte satin or mirror polished stainless steel, designed by Mario Taepper for Carl Mertens. 6.7 x 2.8 inches. Dishwasher safe. $80. amazon.com

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[10] Sony X940C Television

Bring the action to life in 4K. This model sits at the top of Sony’s 2015 4K range. It’s a hefty 75-inches with a fearsome array of features. We love it for its slick appearance and thin silhouette, which is not curved. And for housing the speakers on the sides. About $7000. sony.com

[11] Miele Freestanding Wine Storage System

Not enough room for an entire wine cellar? For the first time, Miele is offering a freestanding wine storage unit. Store up to 178 bottles in three independent temperature zones. You can include the Sommelier Set on which you can display three wine bottles for a tasting, a ConvinoBox for accoutrement, and a glass rack for chilling vessels to their ideal serving temperature. About $7000. mieleusa.com

hobnobmag ultimate man cave picks

[12] Spode Glen Lodge Stag Jug

The humane way of introducing an 8-pointer into the realm. This porcelain jug is a sporting way to house water, beer, cocktails, or wine. Holds 1.5 pints. Dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. $30. spode.com

[13] Diesel Living with Seletti: Cosmic Diner

When people say you’re “out there” you can prove it—with an out-of-this-world place setting collection that depicts the nine planets, moon and sun. Made of porcelain. Dishwasher and microwave safe. selettiboutique.co

hobnobmag ultimate man cave picks

[14] Blomus Cino 1 Bottle Tabletop Wine Rack

Display and decant with a streamlined, modern presence. This durable accessory is made of stainless steel and is designed to fit a standard wine bottle. $15.29 allmodern.com

[15] Poggenpohl Porsche Design P´7340

For the sleekest of environments, trust in this partnership. When these two companies team up the result is as dramatic as it is revolutionary. The aluminum frame that surrounds these built-in cabinets sets them apart, providing different ways of attaching the units, making for a more dynamic display. For once, you can play with depth and mood with slick built-in lighting. Surfaces come in metallic finishes or wooden surfaces sporting full texture and grain. poggenpohl.com

hobnobmag ultimate man cave picks

[16] Finell Grip Band Serving Tray

For extra stability in your serving life, insert glasses, pitchers in between bands and go. Powder-coated aluminum tray with silicone bands. 20” x 20” x 2.5” Also comes in a parallelogram rectangle 8” x 27” x 2.5” $295. finell.co

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[17] Stelton Arne Jacobsen Cylinda Ice Bucket

Invest in classic design with eternal appeal. The Arne Jacobsen Cylinda bar series, designed in 1967, includes this sleek ice bucket and tongs. Tongs are fitted with holes in the “grip end” to allow melting ice to flow back into the bucket. The tongs attach to the ice bucket as well. Made of stainless steel. $300. amazon.com

hobnobmag ultimate man cave picks

[18] Fizzics

Presto chango: make ordinary canned beer taste like draft beer. The mechanism in Fizzics portable dispenser system employs high-frequency sound waves and oscillation to create a dense, creamy, long-lasting head. You can even customize your favorite level of foam for each brand of beer. The unit accepts any can, bottle or growler. Powered by 4 AA batteries. $169. Available for pre-order at: UpgradeYourBeer.com (Support on Indiegogo for $149)

[19] Blomus Trayan Coaster Set

Provide a cushion for beverages, while protecting the realm. Black silicone squares look slick and stay where they are placed. These guys also stack compactly when not in use. Made in Germany. $30.59 for set of six with stand. allmodern.com

hobnobmag ultimate man cave picks

[20] Field Loop Bottle Opener

This is your new go-to designer styled bottle opener. Designed by Oscar Diaz and completely made in the USA. $35. field-online.com

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