Start Renovating: Highlights of the Architectural Digest Design Show 2017

This is the home show that really gets all the best and most designer-y booths, which will have a certain effect: you WILL BE redecorating or renovating your space—at least in your mind. LOL. Here is our round up of the Architectural Digest Design Show with all the items that got us going. Be sure to see our post on this year’s DIFFA displays of the most whimsical dining rooms.

Attending this show will at least have you dreaming of a new kitchen for sure. This year the trend continues with COLOR appliances that make stainless steel seem so boring and pale in comparison. Our favorite, rich, luscious tones by brand… Bluestar went for the brights: chartreuse, yellow, salmon pink. Dacor chose a silky, matte black for its fridge. Italian company Ilve has a lovely tiffany blue oven (or kelly green) with stainless accents, plus a soft gray, with gold accents. On the scene in the Smeg booth sat a $50,000 Dolce and Gabbana number, no, not clothing, a limited edition hand-painted fridge in their signature 50s-style shape. Plus in their small appliance line, is a single cup espresso maker and juicer in pastels. Taxi-color-yellow also graced its other appliances. True appliances offered their hardware in gold, copper, chrome and matte black to go with their matte black and matte ivory refrigerators. If you’re afraid of making the commitment to color in your appliances, then how about a color sink or counter? French company Pyro Lave has a great selection of rich, dense colors that can transform a space and your mood.

In the METAL category, we saw some fabulous overhead lighting in elongated designs that could add drama to your kitchen island or dining room table from David D. Imperio. Planters that can stack in multiples by The Principals‘ Prism collection takes landscaping to a new level of fun. Shelton Studios, in Brooklyn, presented cool sliding ladders for your at-home library, and ultra shiny brass shelves, and a super-modern-minimalist chess or checkers board.

If you’ve ever dreamt of elegant CUSTOM storage, lined in burled wood and matched to your mood and decor, check out Dean Jackson Design’s pieces. Whether you are storing wine, jewelry, skincare products, or what-have-you, Dean will create something special for you.

Mark your calendars for next year, the 2018 Architectural Digest Design Show will be held from March 22nd to the 25th on Piers 92 and 94 (at 55th street).