Haunting Accessories for a Trick’d Out Halloween Scene

Black and orange tones—and a ghostly presence—compete for your ghoulish affection. HOBNOB found an assortment of items for displaying at your Halloween or Day of the Dead party.

[1] Stelton Pure Black Knifes Show off your slicing skills in shocking noir. Seriously-slick looking, and made to last, these knives are forged from one piece of stainless steel so the handle and knife are one. The special matte-black coating make them very hygienic, easy to clean, and provides a sensually, superb grip. The set comes with a white magnetic holding strip so you can display them proudly, and announce your superb taste at all times. Bread, $109; Utility, $149; Chef S Design, $186.20; Chef L Design, $316.60; Carving Fork, $109.32; Santoku, $77.80; Pure White Magnetic Knife Holder, $96.

[2] Pelle Designs Spectrum Candles Your centerpiece search is over. These candles start the night out as a gradating set of twelve soy wax candles. As the party goes on, the candles melt and interweave into a wonderfully drippy display. Candles are lightly scented. And when the candles have done their thing, you are left with a wonderful serving tray that can be employed for many parties to come. Available in limited quantities. Made in Brooklyn. $336.

[3] Spin Ceramics 12 Faces Vase Set Add a cheeky, ghostly presence to your party scene. These porcelain bud vases can dot the scene sporting orange flowers, or any flowers with an slinky shape (think ranunculus). Each handcrafted piece is unique. Tong wood box included. Wooden Tray sold separately. 2.25 in x 4.25 in Made in Jingdezhen, China, designed by Tong Wei. $333.

[4] David Rasmussen Wud Series Wood and bright orange accents cast a unique spell on the party scene. The Wud Martini Glass is joyfully functional. The Wud cup, made of black walnut, insulates your drink and keeps it cool longer than glass. The Wud Tray is formed from a solid piece of wood, and is finished with a food-safe ultra-durable oil to ensure years of maintenance-free use. Available in walnut and maple with light blue, dark blue, lime green or yellow rim. 5.5 x 15 x .625 in.

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