Adding Crisp Appeal to the Party Scene with Stripes

Get in line with classic stripes, and add a bit of colorful uniformity to walls, dishes, pitchers, cocktails, flatware and candles.

[1] Stacy Garcia Wallpaper definitely adds a punch of pattern to your space. HOBNOB suggests having an accent “party wall” to bring visual interest to a buffet or other focal part of your entertaining space. Designer Stacy Garcia’s new collection Paper Muse is a modern take on glamorous, art-deco-ish patterns, offered in a sophisticated choice of colors and textures. Seen here, Watercolor Strie in turquoise tints, has a 3-D quality with its accents of metallic and pearlescent inks. See the collection online at

[2] Secret Life Turquoise Paper Drinking Straws Eco-chic striped straws add punch to your libation repertoire. Also available in pink, gold, red, purple, silver, and blue. 100 for $11.

[3] Origo series from Iittala Multi colored stripes adorn dishes, bowls, napkins, and kitchen towels. Designer Alfredo Häberli adds defined structure and rhythm to your table. The orange plate is 10.25 inches, microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe. $30.

[4] Ana Candles The original Striped Taper features a glorious assortment of well-chosen hues and continues to debut new colors each season. They are unscented, so as not to interfere with your menu aromas, and made with premium quality paraffin wax and pure cotton wicks. They are engineered to have a 14 hour burn time and be virtually smokeless and drip-free. 14” high x 7/8” round. $25 for a pair. Made in Trenton, New Jersey.

[5] Arbiter Glass From the center for crystal production in Italy comes Arbiter glass. Utilizing a proprietary process each piece is hand screen-printed fusing silver onto the glass, then heated to form a permanent bond. The Egizia Tratto Punto Collection designed by Paola Navone, showcases glasses, pitchers, plates and more in stunning silver stripes. The pieces take on a new look, depending on the color of the liquid inside. See the retail partners at this link.

[6] Royal Blue by Alain Saint Joanis This French flatware manufacturer features gorgeous designs in a multitude of colors. Royal Blue’s striped handles are hand-assembled and polished enamel on silver plated handle. Alain Saint-Joanis has been creating and manufacturing flatware collections for the table since 1876. Dishwasher safe.