Don’t serve just any hot dog, up the game with gourmet dogs and toppings. I found better condiment options so you can not be embarrassed to serve these hot dogs for foodies.

OK, I’ll admit it. I love a good hot dog, But I have standards! Therefore, if I am going to indulge in something salty and meaty, I’d like it to be from quality stock. So, I found some better options for producing a gourmet hot dog. Here are three suggestion that form the base. This post is part of an elite culinary party theme for hosting a 4th of July bash.

The three basic elements for making it gourmet: quality meats, organic ketchup and yellow mustard.

[1] D’artagnan Gourmet Hot Dogs Wanna really up your hot dog game at its base? D’artagnan offers two exceptional choices, so you can mix and match! No mystery ingredients are incuded here, just pure, tasty, meat. For a change of pace, opt for the uncured duck hot dog is made entirely of flavorful Pekin duck meat and all natural flavors. $9.99 for 6 dogs. For traditionalists, D’artagnan also offers natural uncured beef hot dogs that are just as flavorful as any other. With nothing but certified Angus beef and spices, they are a taste-good and feel-good must. $6.99 for 6 dogs.

[2] First Field Ketchup Get your ketchup on the same par. First Field uses only Jersey grown fresh tomatoes and organic ingredients to create a ketchup with a deep-roasted tomato taste. You will switch from your other brand.

[3] Annie’s Naturals Organic Yellow Mustard Choose a mustard that has the classic mellow but tangy flavor—but without the additives.

Here are two other better ingredients that were used in the recipes for the 4th of July party.

[4] Applegate’s Naturals Turkey Pepperoni Pepperoni is a delicious topping, but not necessarily the healthiest one. The good news is that Applegate’s Naturals offers uncured mini turkey pepperoni, with 70% less fat than conventional pork pepperoni, with the same great taste and buttery feel. Ideal for pizzas, mixing it in salads, or eating it on its own. Small bits of this delicious meat were sprinkled into popcorn (see the recipe).They also offer traditional pork pepperoni.

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[5] Peppadews Imagine being the person who discovers a new fruit. That’s what happened when a South African businessman/farmer came across an unusual-looking bush with a small bright red fruit in his garden—and thus Peppadews were discovered. Their peppery yet sweet flavor makes them truly unlike anything else. Peppadews come in three flavors: mild, hot, and goldew and can be purchased at select grocery stores like Whole Foods, and Dean & DeLuca, or by the case from their website. About $5 for 14 oz jar. Peppadews are now also being grown on a farm in New Jersey. I used these tasty little peppers to create a quick canape, by stuffing them with goat cheese (see the recipe).

In addition, I’ve got even more suggestions for fresh toppings in my Gourmet Hot Dog post. These will add to the party scene with a vibrant color and flavor with a recipe for quick-pickled cabbage, among other fresh delights.

These ingredients are part of our plan for a patriotic buffet in 04 July 4th Bash