The one thing we can do to treat ourselves this challenging year, is to serve only the best ingredients. So, whether you are doing a family zoom holiday, or just sticking with your pod, here are a couple of suggestions for serving Thanksgiving excellence.

From food purveyor extraordinaire D’Artagnan comes their exclusive Green Circle Turkey. These birds have lived a pampered existence raised on small Amish and Mennonite family farms and fed a diet of surplus vegetables, as opposed to the typical turkey feed of vegetarian grains alone. D’Artagnan’s unique program emulates the common sense, waste-nothing philosophy of days past, when barnyard fowls lived on vegetable scraps and roamed freely around farmyards and pastureland. These surplus vegetables are saved from going to landfills, so not only do the birds benefit from the vegetable diet, but it makes sense for the environment too. From start to finish, these birds are treated and fed well, and the result is a supremely tasty turkey. Green Circle Turkeys have already been snapped up by some of the top chefs in the country as the centerpiece for their Thanksgiving menus.

These birds are available for pre-order now and feature: white broad-breasted hybrid breed, no antibiotics or added growth hormones ever, and certified humane by Humane Farm Animal Care. Available in 2 pound increments, from 8-10 pounds up to 28. Giblets are included. Order the turkey at this link:

Extra Long, Extra Nice Rice

To pair with your superior turkey, try this pretty rice dish. Regal Harvest from Pari Foods has the healthiest Basmati rice that happens to have the longest grain and the best flavor. Made by fifth generation of growers, Regal Harvest has been growing their rice in the pristine Himalayan foothills also known as “The Land of Five Rivers”, which ensures the purest water from the snow peaks and a healthy soil. After harvesting, the rice is aged for two years to remove starch. Removing the starch makes the grain softer and nuttier tasting, and also lower its glycemic index which essentially makes it a healthier carb. The recipe below has a nice assortment of color and texture to cover a lot of bases in a Thanksgiving spread. The rice is currently available at Smart Foodservice, Restaurant Depot, Chef’s Warehouse and BJ’s Wholesale.


Holiday Jeweled Basmati Rice


2 CUPS brown basmati rice
5 CUPS water

Combine rice and water in saucepan, bring to a boil over high heat, stir once or twice and cover. Reduce heat and simmer 45-55 minutes until the water is absorbed.


1/2 CUP raisins
1/2 CUP dried cranberries

Get out a large bowl to toss the rice mixture. Combine cranberries and raisins in a small bowl and cover with hot water (should they soak for 5 min?), drain and add to bowl.

1/2 CUP walnuts or pecans

Preheat oven to 250°F. Spread walnuts or pecans on a rimmed baking sheet and toast until just beginning to brown, about 10 min? Coarsely chop and add to bowl.

1 TB extra-virgin olive oil
1/4 CUP chopped shallot
1 med carrot, peeled, cut into matchsticks

1/2 tsp ground cardamom
1/4 tsp ground turmeric

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add shallot and carrot and cook until shallots are golden brown, and carrot is al dente tender, about 5 min? Add cardamom and turmeric and stir in, cook until fragrant, about 2 min? Add to bowl.


1/2 CUP parsley, chopped
1 orange, juiced and zested
salt and pepper to taste

seeds of 1 pomegranate

Add parsley and orange juice/zest to bowl. Mix in the prepared rice, toss ingredients well. Season with salt and pepper. Top with the pomegranate seeds. Serve warm or at room temperature.