A true quick hors d’oeuvre that makes a graphic red and white statement on the table. Perfect for just popping in your mouth for a blast of tangy goodness. This recipe makes party throwing easy.

Imagine being the person who discovers a new fruit. That’s what happened in 1996 when a South African businessman/farmer came across an unusual-looking bush with a small bright red fruit in his garden. They looked like a cross between a cherry tomato and a mini pepper. He researched and they turned out to be unique, so he trademarked them. These peppers are now lovingly grown on a farm in New Jersey as well as South Africa, so you can buy local.

Peppadews come in three flavors: mild, hot, and goldew, a yellow pepper. Their peppery yet sweet flavor makes them truly unlike anything else. If you like tangy tastes, with a touch of sweetness and heat, these peppers are ones you will buy again and again. They are thin-skinned, so would also be great cut into ribbons and added to a salad, or to add a bit of zip to a sandwich. Think Italian charcuterie, with cherry tomatoes, and some provolone cheese.

All we did to make this quick hors d’oeuvre was pipe softened goat cheese into the centers. So little work for such a pop of freshness—and your guests will adore them.

If you are following our menu plan for a fab fourth of July, then serve these guys alongside a navy blue napkin, or set on top of a blue tablecloth for the red, white, and blue effect. We have more red and white foods included in the menu plan to make your table sing the Star Spangled Banner!



log of goat cheese, softened
jar of peppadews, rinsed in colander

Using a pastry bag or plastic bag with corner cut off, pipe the goat cheese into the peppadews.

how to stuff peppadews with goat cheese

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