Party throwing can be a lot of effort, and it’s easy to let the stress of it all overcome you and turn you into a Host-zilla. But behind every successful event is a very in-control, happy, and zen host. Here are some things you can do to become a relaxed host and enjoy yourself.

This attitude will go a long way when you are hosting under the tutelage of my party plan featuring all things white. See the details and menu for The Chill Party at this link.

[1]Book a massage the day before the party. Deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, whatever floats your boat. Getting a massage not only feels great but it will actually put you in a more relaxed mood, to take on whatever challenge you might encounter.

[2] Make checklists. Write down the things you need to buy, things you need to do, etc. Make sure to cross things off once you’ve done them!

[3] Go for a run. The day of the party, get outside and go for a run or walk for thirty minutes. It will clear your mind and give you the extra energy that you need.

[4] Listen to your favorite music while you’re prepping everything. Include any embarrassing songs you like and blast them shamelessly.

[5] Finally, and maybe the most important of all, get yourself a sous chef. Recruit a friend, your significant other, or your neighbor to come over before the party and help you get things done.

[6] Oh yes, one more thing—have a blast.