What’s the best way to learn how to make healthy and delicious dishes? Haven’s Kitchen offers a fun range of Cooking Classes in NYC that can have you excited about making your next meal.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back into healthier modes. The best way to monitor calories is to take control of preparing all your meals. Head to Haven’s Kitchen in Chelsea, NYC, for lessons in the ways to retrain your body after the debauchery of the holidays.  They really offer up a great selection all-year-round Check the schedule to see the current classes.  havenskitchen.com

Here’s a suggestion of classes coming up soon.

New Year, New You Series: Renew & Restore Cleanse
Monday, Jan 11 & Jan 18
All relationships require mutual respect and appreciation. This sentiment should also translate to our relationships with food and what we eat. For us, cleansing isn’t about crash diets, instead, we believe that cleansing is about recentering your connection with food. In this two-part post-holiday cleanse class, Noël Graupner will teach you how to incorporate foods and cooking methods that stimulate the digestive fire, detoxify the liver, and move stagnating lymph without cooling the channels of the body too much during the middle of Winter. We will learn about digestive herbs, healthy fats and proteins, and cleansing vegetables while putting together a meal that will leave you happy and satisfied. Classes can be purchased individually or as a series.

New Year, New You: Renewing Cleanse
Monday, Jan 11
—Savory Weight Loss Tea
—Light Dahl Soup
—Warming Braised Greens
—Carminative Chutney
—Golden Milk with Hemp Milk

New Year, New You: Restoring Cleanse
Monday, Jan 18
—Ginger-Tulsi Tea
—Pungent Yoga Pot Soup
—Spicy Broccoli Rabe with Sunflower Sauce
—Lentil Pappadam
—Hazelnut Lassi with Hazelnut Milk

California Cooking for New York Seasons: Inspired by Suzanne Goin & Alice Waters
Tuesday, Jan 19
In this class, we find inspiration from California-based female chefs like Alice Waters and Suzanne Goin who innovated the culinary landscape with their ingredient-driven menus. Their recipes are underwritten by their love for California agriculture and the produce that it offers. However, we—New Yorkers—don’t live near avocado bearing trees or bright citrus groves. In line with our mission to cook seasonally and locally, this class explores how we can best translate California Cooking for New York kitchens.