The best guest shows up to your party with an ounce of Osetra caviar!

In scouting ingredients to go with my party theme that features all foods in the shape of a ball, I could not overlook the glamour and thrill of serving caviar.

The Seattle Caviar Co

A one-stop-shop for caviar and ways to present it. In the GIFT section of their website you’ll find Rendezvous #6 which comes with an ounce of Osetra caviar, the Saint Hilaire Caviar Presentoir set, and mother of pearl spoon for serving. You can also purchase seven types of sustainable caviar, truffles, and other culinary goodies. Gift set, $283. Paddlefish Caviar, $28 to $112; Golden Whitefish, $13.50; Siberian Sturgeon, $80 to $320.

Mother-of-Pearl Caviar Spoons 

Mother-of-Pearl is the material of choice for serving those little spheres of delight, due to the fact that it is nonreactive, letting caviar’s fragile flavor be the focus. Each  3 .5 ” spoon comes in its own royal blue velvet pouch. In classic white, or white with blue mother-of-pearl inlay handles. Single white spoon, $15. Single with blue trim, $22. Set of 6 in white, $90. Set of 6 with blue trim, $130.

hobnobmag petrossian mother of pearl caviar spoons

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