Last Call for Alcohol: I found a nice assortment of booze infused gourmet food that you can serve at your next gathering to great acclaim. From starters to dessert, only the finest examples are included in this list.

We’ve gathered some of the finest ingredients that have fine spirits incorporated into their flavors. Be sure to add these to your party repertoire for our IN THE SPIRIT party plan. Choose from a duo of pâtés—one spreadable, the other coarse, both should have a spot on the cheese board. Speaking of cheese, try one of these four, infused with whiskey, kirsch, calvados, or cognac. Dessert is extra special with buttery booze cakes and handmade chocolates from Oregon.

[1] Party With Pâté:

Duck Mousse With Port Wine This silky mousse is made of fresh duck livers and marinated in Port Wine. 7oz, $9.30. French-Style Rabbit Pâté With Prunes & Cognac This Terroirs d’Antan Pâté is a rich and flavorful experience. It is a coarse textured game pâté prepared from tender rabbit meat, then flavored with prunes and brandy. $24 lb.

[2] Spirited Cheeses:

Kerrygold Aged Irish Cheddar With Irish Whiskey Think cheddar plus woody, nutty notes of pure Irish whiskey. Available in 8 oz, 1 lb, or a 5 lb wheel encased in black wax. About $20 lb. Gourmandise With Kirsch A soft, spreadable cheese from France, with the sweet addition of cherries. Available in 8 oz, or 1 lb wedges. About $15 lb. Le Grain D’orge Affiné Au Calvados A Normandy tradition: The rind is removed from a semi-cured Camembert and then soaked in Calvados, giving it a fruity, milky flavor with a hint of mushrooms. About $18 for 8 oz. Sartori Ltd. Edition Cognac Bellavitano Aged at least 18 months, then steeped in Rémy Martin Cognac for 7 to 10 days. Award-winning tastes of smoky, nutty, oaky flavors with toasted notes of vanilla and caramel. About $60 lb.

Booze Infused Gourmet Food

[3] Full Spirited Flavours Prosperity Cakes

Looking to serve an amazing dessert, no muss, no fuss? Three sisters from Pennsylvania can supply you with the sweet that will have everyone raving. After their own families ooh-ed and ahhhh-ed over their cakes for years, the sisters combined their talents to showcase their fabulous liqueur-infused buttery cakes. Whether you choose the amaretto, limoncello, raspberry liqueur, or coconut rum cake, they will arrive beautifully presented. Available in two sizes: the FULL serves 10 to12 ($30), the JUNIOR ($13) serves 2 to 4. Cakes can be served right away or frozen for up to 3 months. Order one for the party, and a couple more to have tucked away, just in case. Available online at

[4] Lillie Belle Farms Spirit-Infused Chocolates

My friend Mary brought me to this wonderful shop in Oregon, known for its handmade chocolates. Lillie Belle Farms makes artistic, decadent creations filled with butter cream, caramels, toasted nuts, and truffles. For this party, check out their collection of alcohol-infused bon-bons. Try the Martini Cup with Bombay Sapphire Gin in a white chocolate ganache which is also infused with wild Oregon juniper berries. The Margarita Cup uses Don Julio tequila and fresh key limes in a white chocolate ganache, filling dark chocolate cups with a rim of salt. Create a Custom Assortment (Box of 12) for $25

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