What to do with that person who is always trying to subtly one-up you, who knows your weak points and somehow has you fuming internally after every encounter? Hobnob gives you the advice for dealing with frenemies at a party AND not let it ruin it for you.

You know that person… The one who is technically your friend, but something is always a little bit off. Remember, there are always ways to be in control of a situation and have the upper hand. Make a pledge to outsmart the competition.

[1] Don’t avoid your frenemy. Go say hello to them, talk to them for maybe ten minutes, and then say you have to check on the food, or other excuse.

[2] Frenemies are always trying to get gossip, so be careful not to let them find out about your job promotion, or the person you just started seeing. Don’t give out any information. Be as vague as possible.

[3] Keep an eye on them to see who they are talking to. If you see your frenemy talking to your big-mouth cousin who’s had a few too many, you might want to casually intervene.

[4] Keep the conversation focused on the frenemy. As soon as they start bragging about their latest achievement, make a game of massaging their ego and ask them lots of questions about it. They will bask in their own glory, and you can snicker internally. Plus, getting them relaxed might get them to reveal something useful.

[5] As soon as your frenemy starts doing something that really annoys you, grab a person nearby and introduce them to your frenemy. That’s an easy way to change the conversation’s focus.

Illustration © istockphoto.com/Meriel Jane Waissman